Jim was born in Co. Laois, Ireland. He began playing guitar at the age of twelve and two years later was playing in local pubs with his first band 'The Exploding Appletarts'. 

Raised in a family steeped in tradition he was born with a love of Irish ballads and picked up the tenor banjo and mandolin at an early age. He soon got involved in Sunday ballad sessions with several of the country's top Irish musicians including his close friend Seanie Smullen, one of Ireland's most talented banjo players (The Mighty Ghosts of Erin).

After emigrating in 1996, Jim started Irish sessions in countries as far flung as Japan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. He settled in America in 2006 and launched The ShamRogues in April of 2009.
Gary has been playing music since 1968, playing trumpet then string bass and tuba and guitar and bass in concert band, orchestra, jazz band, and a punk band called the Dogz.

He has played in various reggae bands, the present form of which is known as 'Out of Many', on bass and trumpet. 

He has played Irish music in various forms for many years and joined The ShamRogues in August 2011.
Christopher Marsheck has been entertaining crowds professionally since the age of 14.  Chris studied music theory in college which is where (while deleving into his own family's history) he fell in love with the traditional music of Ireland.  

Although based in the Baltimore area, Chris has played gigs all over the mid-Atlantic region, including not just Maryland, but DC, Virginia, New York, and Connecticut.  While the guitar is his instrument of choice, over the years Chris has picked up the mandolin, tenor banjo, harmonica, the bodhran, and the whistle.  

Previous to joining The ShamRogues, Christopher was an in-demand studio musician, recording with such artists as Gael in the Harbor, The Brothers Strum, and The Hooligans.  In between sets, Chris can be found sharing a pint, and participating in "The Craic" with his bandmates and friends. 

Sarah started playing classical violin at age 8 and received violin, vocal and music theory training from Peabody Preparatory until she graduated high school. 

After high school, she joined a Pirate folk band and taught herself Irish style fiddle. Since then, she has performed all over the world playing various styles of folk music. 

She is also an accomplished Belly Dancer and a Fire Dancer. She joined The ShamRogues in August '14 and has already burned down three venues!
Evan began playing drums at the age of 10 and played his first gig at 13. Starting with an interest in rock and heavy metal, he gradually worked his way into traditional European folk music. 

After living in Norfolk, Virginia for most of his life, Evan moved to Baltimore in the summer of 2014 and began playing with the ShamRogues soon after. 

Also he is a world champion WWE wrestler and a direct descendant of Rumpelstiltskin! 
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Katie began her successful Irish Dancing career at the age of seven.  From her first class she had a love for it and sharing it with others. 

Early in her competitive career she progressed quickly from Beginner to Champion status, placing in the top five of Regional and National competitions and qualifying for the World Irish Dance Championships eight times. 

While she was a successful competitor her real passion was performing on stage with such notable musicians as The Chieftans, Cherish The Ladies, Eileen Ivers and The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. After more than 20 years of Irish Dancing she has finally found a home performing with The ShamRogues; her rhythmic feet adding a unique percussion to their performances.
Descending from musical stock, John DuRant Jr has been entertaining audiences since the age of six. A charismatic artist and performer, John has gathered experience through the years from classical and jazz training as a multi-instrumentalist, enhancing the scene from Baltimore to Boston and Crownsville to Charlotte.

With having nearly four decades of stage experience, John carries a unique accumulation of tales displaying his quirky sense of self. His ability to weave story into life occupies the imagination and stimulates every emotion of the audience.  

Joining the party early 2018, John is the newest member of The ShamRogues, but being no stranger to Celtic music, he brings a dynamic range of tunes to the band for all tastes and ages.  

When not performing with The ShamRogues, John can easily be seen with the assistance of a catadioptric telescope, orbiting the moons of Jupiter, riding upon a mighty Unicorn.

 Katie is an accomplished Irish Dancer, Singer and performer. Born and raised in Baltimore City, MD she began Irish dancing around the age of 3. After attending regional gigs with The Irish Edge, her parent's band, Katie demanded to be enrolled in dance classes. Her father the late Bill Whitman was the front man of the group and would also have her sing with him. This sparked Katie's long lasting desire to perform. 

  Currently, Katie competes internationally as an Open Championship dancer with the Broesler School of Irish Dance. She is a National qualifier and competitor since 2011 and a World qualifier and competitor since 2013. After extreme hard work and dedication, Katie achieved her goal of recalling at the 2018 Senior Lady 22&O World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.